Mount Apo Foundation, Inc. (MAFI) is a non-stock and non-profit corporation duly organized under Philippine laws. The foundation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 13, 1993 under SEC Registration No. ANO 93-00161. The board of trustees of the foundation is composed of sectoral representatives from the local government units, indigenous/tribal people, national government agencies, corporation and non-government organization.

The Foundation envisions empowered upland dwellers and cultural communities capable of self-direction consistent with their common aspirations and values, working in cooperation and unity among themselves and with support groups. Its mission is to endeavor to achieve the total development of all upland dwellers and cultural communities within and around the Mt. Apo National Park , and preserve and enhance the environment and biological diversity of Mt. Apo through the provision of culturally acceptable, ecologically sound, and sustainable technologies and processes.

In the pursuit of its vision-mission, the foundation conducts various projects and activities under four major program areas. The Educational Development Program (EDP) provides educational opportunities through collegiate and vocational-technical scholarship grants to poor and deserving students within and around Mt. Apo Natural Park. EDP also grants educational assistance to public schools within its area of responsibility in the form of high school student financial assistance and other educational learning materials and student/pupil facilities. Limited scholarship grants in MA-education and law are also offered to qualified members of the indigenous community. The Community Assistance Program (CAP) delivers basic social assistance and services for the general welfare of the community. These community assistance and services are related to health, infra-structures and income-generation that involve constructions of communal water systems, daycare center classrooms, school drinking facilities, livelihood activities and other community assistance interventions. The Tribal Capability Program (TCP) supports activities and initiatives of indigenous people that create opportunities for empowerment of tribal leaders and members towards socio-cultural and educational development. The Environmental Consciousness Program (ECP) develops people's interest and active concern and participation in the preservation, protection and development of the environment and the eco-system within and around Mount Apo Natural Park.

Upon its creation, the foundation has adopted the ten-kilometer radius of the Mindanao Geothermal Production Field (MGPF) as its initial Area of Responsibility (AOR) for the purpose of focused development activities. The initial coverage of the AOR included 30 barangays in three distinct local government units in the province of North Cotabato (13 barangays in Kidapawan City , 13 barangays in the Municipality of Magpet and 4 barangays in the Municipality of Makilala . The initial AOR has 2,218 tribal households with a total population of 10,566 based on the 1995 baseline survey of the foundation. In 1997, two barangays in Makilala - Malasila and Old Bulatukan - were included in the AOR to serve as radiation barangays through the representation of tribal leaders and residents of these two barangays who are mostly members of the indigenous people's communities. These 32 barangays are now the focus of the Foundation's development efforts pursuant to its vision and mission statement.

The foundation's main source of fund is the Environmental and Tribal Welfare Trust Fund (ETWTF) which comes from the one centavo for every kilowatt-hour of generated power from the Mt. Apo Geothermal Plants operated by Energy Development Corporation (EDC). The Environment Compliance Certificate (ECC) issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to the Mt. Apo Geothermal Project called for the establishment of such fund for various development programs and projects within and around Mt. Apo.